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The Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) is offering one PhD vacancy under the newly funded ‘Signal Processing for Environment-Aware Radar’ (SPEAR) project. The project will be carried out in the research group of Dr. N. J. Myers, in collaboration with researchers at the faculty of 3mE and the faculty of EEMCS. The PhD candidate will work on industry-relevant scientific challenges in collaboration with industry experts from NXP. Dr. Myers’s group at TU Delft develops and analyzes novel signal processing techniques for communications and sensing with wireless systems. We focus on both applied and theoretical aspects of challenging problems in connected automotive and radars.

In next generation automotive networks, radars will be deployed in almost every vehicle to ensure safe driving. In such dense radar deployments, signals from multiple radars interfere with each other and deteriorate the perception capability of the radars. This PhD project will develop new signal processing techniques, to construct multi-dimensional digital radar waveforms and algorithms, that ensure interference-robust radar operation even in dense automotive networks. Our techniques are also expected to adapt to the sensing environment, by leveraging information from various sensors in an automotive.

Relevant research from our lab members:
[1] H. Masoumi, N. J. Myers, G. Leus, S. Wahls, and M. Verhaegen, “Structured Sensing Matrix Design for In-sector Compressed mmWave Channel Estimation,” IEEE SPAWC 2022. [Best Student Paper Award]
[2] K. Patel, N. J. Myers, and R. W. Heath Jr., “Circulant Shift-based Beamforming for Secure Communication with Low-resolution Phased Arrays,” IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (early access), 2022
[3] P. Kumari, N. J. Myers, and R. W. Heath Jr., “An adaptive and fast beamforming design for automotive millimeter-wave joint communication-radar,” IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing, vol. 15, no. 5, June 2021
[4] V. Slobodyanyuk, R. Rimini, U. Fernando, N. J. Myers and V. Varadarajan, “High resolution and computationally efficient radar techniques”, US Patent Appl. no. 16/885,239, May 2020
[5] R. Rimini, P. Huang, and N. J. Myers, “Wireless communication with enhanced maximum permissible exposure (MPE) compliance based on vital signs detection”, US Patent Appl. no. 17/000,228, Aug 2020

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