Job Description

Automotives in next-generation vehicular networks will be equipped with advanced communication and multi-modal sensing capabilities. Existing radar sensing solutions, however, are not designed to leverage this connectivity and sensing infrastructure. The PhD project will address this gap by developing advanced signal processing algorithms that make the best use of the available infrastructure.

The PhD candidate will work on distributed signal processing on radar data using the communication backbone network. The goal is to exploit vehicular connectivity to enhance perception in mixed traffic conditions where vehicles have varied sensing capabilities.

The candidate will be embedded in the research group of Dr. Geethu Joseph and will have close collaboration with colleagues from the section Circuits and Systems and the department Microelectronics within the Faculty of EEMCS at the TU Delft and the Faculty of 3mE. The PhD candidates will also work in close collaboration with industry experts from NXP.

Candidates are also encouraged to look at another PhD vacancy: TUD02957 - PhD Position Robust Signal Processing for Next Generation Automotive Radars within the project SPEAR, in the group of Nitin Myers at 3ME.

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Geethu Joseph
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TU Delft
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Delft, South Holland, Netherlands
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Jan. 31, 2023