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Job Description

A full professor position is opened in Statistical Signal Processing at University Paris-Saclay and L2S, France.


Teaching in signal processing in the Bachelor and Master programs in Electrical Engineering (E3A) of the Faculté des Sciences d’Orsay, and occasionally, in the engineering program of Polytech Paris-Saclay.

Pedagogical goals and needs for training

The candidate will play a leading role in the construction and organization of courses related to signal processing within the Bachelor and Master programs in Electrical Engineering (E3A) of the Faculté des Sciences d’Orsay, and occasionally, in the engineering program of Polytech Paris-Saclay. The ability to teach in various areas (mathematics, signal and image processing, artificial intelligence for
engineering, telecommunications) is appreciated. She/he is expected to run one of the Electrical Engineering master program tracks, manage teaching teams, and work with academic and industrial partners. Finally, she/he will be involved in the internal structures of the University Paris-Saclay: Engineering Graduate School or Computer Science Graduate School, and the Interdisciplinary Objects.

Research activities

The recruited candidate will conduct research at L2S and propose a research project in line with the Signals and Statistics teams: the Modeling and Estimation Group and the Inverse Problem Group. Research topics cover fundamental and applied issues at the heart of data science, with applications in various fields such as health, energy, and the industry of the future. In these fields, the data are
complex (massive, heterogeneous, distributed) with significant modeling needs to extract useful information, quantify uncertainties, and high-performance computing challenges.

The L2S researchers in statistical signal processing are in charge of methodological developments for analyzing massive, heterogeneous, temporally and spatially correlated data, for solving inverse problems, and for the optimal design of experiments. The proposed methods and algorithms exploit
multivariate statistics, numerical optimization, statistical inference, and representation learning expertise. The L2S researchers deploy their knowledge in the framework of large-scale collaborative projects at the academic and industrial levels.

The recruited candidate will conduct research at the highest level in statistical signal and image processing. She/he will have an internationally recognized expertise entirely in line with current research issues in data science. She/he will contribute to developing the statistical learning theme in L2S, which has become ubiquitous in information sciences. In this sense, she/he will reinforce the L2S
position as a significant player at the national and international levels.
The recruited candidate will be a driving force in setting up research projects. She/he is expected to develop collaborations on societal issues (environment, health, transport, energy, artificial intelligence, etc.). She/he will be strongly involved in the life of L2S and scientific animation. She/he will benefit from the environment of University of Paris-Saclay.


Signal and image processing, statistical learning, inverse problems, statistical analysis of multivariate signals, massive data processing.

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- Sophie Kazamias ( teaching
- Charles Soussen ( research

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March 31, 2022