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The Signal Processing (SP) research group at the Universität Hamburg in Germany is hiring a Postdoc (E13/E14) "Machine Learning for Speech and Audio Processing".

The Signal Processing (SP) research group of the Universität Hamburg, is known for cutting-edge research on Statistical Signal Processing and Machine Learning for speech and audio-visual signals. Applications include assistive listening devices (earbuds, hearing aids, cochlear implants), voice-controlled assistants (smart speakers, smart phones, robots), and virtual meetings. The specific duties of the research associate are

* research on novel machine learning methods applied to speech or audio-visual signals
* the participation in the acquisition and scientific supervision of third-party funded projects
* publication and dissemination of scientific results
* the position includes the responsibility to teach 4 hours/week in the computer science department

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Universität Hamburg
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Hamburg, Germany
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Jan. 6, 2022