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Job Description

The University of Luxembourg is seeking to hire highly qualified PhDs and PostDocs at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), in particular for the SIGCOM research group, headed by Prof. Symeon Chatzinotas and Prof. Björn Ottersten, which focuses on signal processing for satellite/wireless communications/networking and radar applications.

In the above context, SnT-SIGCOM is looking for highly qualified applicants in the following positions:
 12 Post-Doc positions in:
o Real-Time Signal Processing
o Signal Processing and Communications (3 positions)
o Satellite Communications Systems (2 positions)
o Wireless Communications & Networking (2 positions)
o Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications for 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks
o UAV-Assisted Communications for 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks
o Algorithmic Aspects of Network Slicing over Next Generation Satellite Systems
o SDN and NFV as Key Enablers for SatCom Integration into 5G Ecosystem

 8 PhD positions in:
o Resource Slicing for UAV Communications and Control in 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks
o Wireless Communications Technologies for 5G/6G Networks (2 positions)
o Demand-based optimization of Multi-beam Satellite Communications Systems using Active Antennas
o Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Connectivity Solutions for Emerging IoT/MTC Systems
o Dynamic Spectrum Management for Emerging Integrated SatCom and 5G Networks
o Flow management for resilient backhauling in 5G and beyond integrated satellite-terrestrial networks
o Modeling, optimization and reconfiguration of hybrid MEO/GEO satellite networks for integrated service delivery

UniLu Background
The University of Luxembourg aspires to be one of Europe’s most highly regarded universities with a distinctly international and interdisciplinary character. It fosters the cross-fertilisation of research and teaching, is relevant to its country, is known worldwide for its research and teaching in targeted areas, and is establishing itself as an innovative model for contemporary European Higher Education.
The University of Luxembourg ranks 17 worldwide in the Young University Rankings 2019 and the top 90 universities worldwide in Computer Science according to Times Higher Education (THE). It is in rank 76-100 worldwide in the ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 - Telecommunication Engineering.

Research in Luxembourg
Luxembourg offers a competitive international business landscape with state of the art research facilities. It has been recognized as a European Innovation Leader with an international mindset and global collaboration opportunities. For more details, click here.
The working conditions in Luxembourg are highly competitive in an international level and offer ample career opportunities.

Application Process
For a complete list of open positions and in order to apply, please visit the following link:
Offers will be issued as soon as possible to highly-qualified early applicants.

Job Information

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Closing Date
June 15, 2020