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The candidate will work in the Signal Processing (SP) group of the Universität Hamburg and will do research on modern methods for audio-visual speech enhancement and source separation. The focus of the group is on developing novel methods for processing speech signals with applications in speech communication such as assistive listening devices, mobile telephony, voice-controlled assistants, and human-robot interaction.
Typically, the performance of speech communication devices drops drastically when acoustic interferences are present. To mend this undesired behavior, speech enhancement and source separation is applied. The goal of the successful candidate is to improve speech enhancement and source separation systems by incorporating visual information captured by a camera. For this, modern methods from signal processing and machine learning are to be applied. Besides developing new concepts and implementing new algorithms, the typical tasks of a Research Associate include experiments to test the methods, writing scientific publications, and traveling to conferences and workshops to present the work. We are interested in a highly motivated person who is interested in working with us on cutting edge research in a pleasant working atmosphere

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Signal Processing (SP), Universität Hamburg
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Dec. 12, 2019