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We are hiring a PhD candidate in collaboration with Prof. Chapman from Desy Hamburg. To apply for this position please follow the webpage of the Data Science in Hamburg Helmholtz Graduate School (DASHH) at

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11. Phase Retrieval in Imaging and Speech Enhancement

Advanced sources such as free-electron lasers produce intense and coherent beams of X-rays that are opening up new possibilities to image biological materials, such as single molecules, at atomic resolution. Since atomic-resolution lenses do not exist such methods usually rely upon retrieving the structural information encoded in the far-field coherent diffraction pattern [Shechtman et al, 2015]. This intensity pattern corresponds to the Fourier magnitude of the object, and is thus an incomplete measurement since the spectral phase cannot be measured. To reconstruct the original structure, the missing phase information needs to be retrieved . A very similar problem of phase retrieval is encountered in speech source separation and enhancement, which has received increasing attention recently [Gerkmann et al, 2015]. Just in the last few years, modern machine learning methods have been successfully applied to the problem aiming to obtain faster and more accurate results. The goal of this project is to explore common concepts in X-ray imaging and speech enhancement. Recent advances in the application of machine learning in speech analysis will be transferred and tailored to X-ray imaging, obtaining deeper insights into this challenging inverse problem and providing new opportunities for high-resolution structure determination of biological systems.

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