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A Post-Doctoral Research Fellow position is available in the DSB – Digital Signal Processing and Image Analysis Group, Department of Informatics.

The position is part of “MicroCluster4Speech” a User-driven Research based Innovation project (BIA) sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council. The industrial partners sensiBel and Squarehead will work with research groups at the University of Oslo (UiO) and the Norwegian Computing Center (NR) to develop small arrays for robust speech recognition.

The post-doctoral researcher will work in the field of microphone array processing and speech enhancement. A specific focus area is small arrays composed of high SNR microphones. The first part of the research is to quantify the impact of key microphone parameters including self-noise, sample variation and linearity. A second part of the research is devoted to design and evaluation of adaptive algorithms for calibration of mis-matched elements. The work is likely to involve both traditional signal processing and more recent machine learning approaches. A further avenue of research is joint optimization of beamforming and speech recognition within a deep learning framework.

The research will contribute to the overall goal of the MicroCluster4Speech project which is to develop and promote small array modules suitable for integration in consumer appliances. The post-doc will collaborate closely with researchers at sensiBel and the Norwegian Computing Center and be part of a stimulating and exciting research environment.

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