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Duration: 3 years
Stipend: 15,000.00 GBP per annum (tax free)
Nationality Requirement: EU citizens
Location: Cranfield University, Defence Academy of the UK, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK
Entry Requirements:
To apply email your CV together with your university transcripts to Dr Alessio Balleri (

The real-time non-cooperative target detection and recognition of air targets has been a military aspiration for many years. However, limitations in radar performance have ensured that the application still remains largely theoretical. The high gain, narrow beam rotating antenna of a traditional air surveillance radar offer long range at the expense of the Doppler resolution and of the refresh rate. Short range, high frequency radars have explored the characteristics of Doppler returns from ground based targets, but this is yet to be fully realised in the air defence domain.
The Aveillant Holographic radar is a Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) that uses a staring array at L-band developed to suppress wind farm clutter from a radar picture. With a much longer dwell time on the target, the provision of multiple simultaneous beams and a significantly higher refresh rate than traditional PSRs, extracting robust target features even in the presence of heavy clutter becomes feasible.
The successful candidate will develop new feature extraction algorithms that exploit the longer dwell time on the target offered by the Holographic radar to extract key information on the target and boost classification performance. He/She will also assess the advantages of using a multi-beam radar to increase the sensor robustness against jammers and investigate the impact of jamming and counter-jamming techniques with respect to target detection and classification on the overall beamforming capability of the radar.
The project is in collaboration and partly funded by Aveillant Ltd in Cambridge, UK (

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Cranfield University
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Shrivenham, Swindon SN6, UK
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July 5, 2018