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Monitoring foetal ECG (especially the analysis of the heart rate variability) is of great interest to prevent diseases and problem after the delivery. Even if a lot methods have been developed, this problem remains an open issue in a clinical context. In this project, we propose to combine two modalities: an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a phonocardiogram (PCG). Preliminary studies [1-4] have shown the interest of such an approach to extract the fœtal ECG from abdominal recordings.

During this PhD two complementary approaches will be tackled:
1/ Combine the two modalities to estimate accurately the fœtal heart rate. To this end new methods to detect the ruptures in the recordings should be proposed.
2/ Extend the previously proposed methods to reduce the computational time.

Skills: the candidate should have a strong background in signal processing or applied mathematics with a real interest to biomedical applications. The candidate should be comfortable in an interdisciplinary context.

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Bertrand Rivet
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TIMC-GIPSA-lab, Grenoble Institute of Technology, University Grenoble Alpes
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Grenoble, France
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Dec. 31, 2018