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Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has an open PhD position (early-stage researcher) in Plenoptic Modelling and Measurements of Novel Displays in the H2020 MSCA ITN RealVision project ( at DTU Fotonik. The RealVision Innovative Training Network (ITN) will investigate the problem of capturing, processing and displaying hyper-realistic images with the aim of building the hyper-realistic immersive visual imaging and display systems of the future.

Description of PhD project
The goal of the project is to establish a complete characterization of innovative displays and viewing set-up for quality evaluation and relate this to visual perception.

This project will focus on modelling, and measuring novel displays under specific viewing conditions within a plenoptic framework and characterizing those measures in relation to the human visual system. Gonio-photometer measurements of displays will be developed in order to characterize the displays. The goal is a plenoptic description of display viewing conditions expressed by mathematical models of the physical world. Models of novel display architectures and principles will be established and used for optimizing the quality of the images displayed and used in combination with subjective testing representing human perception. One instance of innovative display technology, multiview imaging shall be investigated, both captured by camera arrays and 360o video. The perceptual descriptions will be used to guide the assessment of displays within the plenoptic space, e.g. full focus views and light field imaging.

The resulting outputs of the PhD project include:
? Characterization and measurements of displays encompassing HDR, wide colour gamut UHD, and multiview 3D to be used for optimization of display rendering
? Light field capture of displays for objective evaluation

During the project, the PhD candidate will have close contact with the other RealVision consortium groups, including an extended research stay at CNRS in Paris, France, and at the RealVision partner organisations BBC R&D, England, and McMaster University, Canada.

We offer extensive knowledge of all stages in the visual processing chain, including acquisition, processing, coding, delivery, and display, and the opportunity to achieve a common goal of building the hyper-realistic visual imaging and display systems of the future.

The research and development in RealVision will strive for an extremely high quality, hyper-realistic visual experience.

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