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Job Description

Position description:
The Signal Acquisition Measurement and Processing Lab at the Technion welcomes applications for a postdoctoral position with focus on deep learning. Specifically we are interested in Ph. D. graduates with profound and solid knowledge in both signal processing and modeling and deep learning techniques to work on projects which are in the interface between the two approaches. Good theoretical and abstract thinking is required. The balance of work between theory and practice will vary on project-basis, and a successful candidate should be proficient in both aspects. Candidate should have an excellent publication record in signal processing and/or machine learning journals. Excellent written and presentation skills in English are an advantage.

About SAMPL:
The Lab focuses on sampling, modeling and processing of continuous-time and discrete-time signals and on new design paradigms in which sampling and processing are designed jointly in order to exploit signal properties already in the sampling stage. This approach has the potential to drastically reduce the sampling and processing rates well below the Nyquist rate, typically considered as the ultimate limit for analog to digital conversion. The laboratory facilitates the transition from pure theoretical research to the development, design and implementation of prototype systems in areas ranging from bio imaging through communications, laser optics, cognitive radio and radar systems. Research projects are available in the areas of phase retrieval, super resolution imaging, radar systems, ultrasound and MRI imaging, sampling over graphs, blind deconvolution, and communication systems.

Contact Details:
For more details please visit Prof. Eldar’s website.
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