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At the Section for Information Processing, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, a PhD stipend in Speech Intelligibility Prediction for Hearing Assistive Devices is available within the general study Programme Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The fully funded stipend is open for appointment from 1. September 2017, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Hearing assistive devices, such as headsets for speech communication in noisy environments and hearing aid systems, aim at improving the speech intelligibility (SI) for the user. To do so, the hearing assistive devices process the acoustic signals, before they are presented to the ears of the user. This PhD project is part of a research project on Intelligibility-Aware Hearing Assistive Devices. The goal of the PhD project is to develop deep-learning algorithms, which are capable of reliably predicting the SI experienced by the user in binaural acoustic situations, first for normal hearing and then for hearing impaired listeners. We envision algorithms, which can predict the SI of a given noisy/processed binaural signal, both when a noise-free binaural reference signal is available, and when it is not (i.e., intrusive and non-intrusive SI prediction, respectively).

The project will take place at the Section for Signal and Information Processing (SIP), Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University. The SIP section conducts research in areas such as communication technology, human perception (audio, vision), signal processing for multimedia technology, etc. The section also hosts the newly founded Centre for Acoustic Signal Processing Research (CASPR), which focuses on research and education supporting future statistical signal processing concepts for hearing assistive devices.

The successful applicant must have a Master degree in machine learning, statistical signal processing, information theory, acoustic signal processing or similar. Furthermore, knowledge of (impaired) auditory perception, hearing aid technology, etc., is an advantage. Excellent undergraduate and master degree grades are expected. A high level of written and spoken English is also expected.

You may obtain further information from Prof. Jesper Jensen (phone: +45 39138981, email: ) or Prof. Søren Holdt Jensen (phone: +45 9940 8654, email: ), or at

Please apply (until July 31, 2017) at

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